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What kind of wood does everyone

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liked to use with the brisket
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Hickory and Oak mix..............
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hickory on brisket
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Oak for me
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I'm with these guys, oak with some hickory.
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Pecan if I have it...but definitely the wood from a deciduous fruit or nut bearing tree with a few exceptions. Here is a listing that Dutch has compiled...take a look because there are a lot of woods out there, and each has their own characteristics.

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Generally hickory because it's what I have on hand and is readily available to me. However, I've had some mesquite smoked brisket and it's quite good. A light touch is required with mesquite though.
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Pecan here too.
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so has anyone ever used grape
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Predominantly pecan. Occasionally, a fruit wood or Osage Orange (hedge apple).
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Oak or Maple for heat as its everywhere up here. Hickory for flavor.
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I hvent but I think some on here have...
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yea i went to a bbq place and they had every wood known to man but the one i wanted was peach and they were out so i got grape
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Personally I like a mix of oak and cherry or hickory and cherry but its actually a matter of personal tastes and the flavor your looking for and think is good
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yea i am doing a brisket now and i got cherry grape and hickory
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If I have pecan, I'd use that on my beef with a combination of oak for a strong heat source. Otherwise, it's cherry and oak icon_cool.gif
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Man, we have tons of peach around here but I haven't been able to find grape yet.

This is from the Sticky on woods for smoking.

GRAPEVINES - Tart. Provides a lot of smoke. Rich and fruity. Good with poultry, red meats, game and lamb.
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Would have never thought of osage as a smoking wood. I've never seen it in person, just in pictures, mostly of guys making selfbows. My first thought is it would be strong like mesquite? Thats one of the best things about this forum, learning what others are doing around the country.
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got to go get some good hickory
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About grapes........

I have riesling , chardonnay , Skookum and at least 7 other types of grapes. Greens, purples, browns reds, and whites. I use them all. I started out separating the different types for my wood chips but seeing no difference in the end result I now just mix them all up in the chipper, dry them for about 1/2 a summer in a windy location in direct sunlight. Once cured I keep them out of the sun and they all work great.

I haven't noticed any extra amount of smoke or Tartness from grapes. Perhaps that's because I usually use them for ribs and apply lots of rub for a thicker bark that I like on my ribs.

I did use some in my Cobb Cooker once that gave off some thick white smoke so I changed it out for some Hickory to get the thin blue I was looking for. The fattie did have a barely noticeable bite to it that I took to be a tinge of creosote but may have been tartness from the grape wood not being cured enough. A month more curing time later out in full sunlight and that particular batch of chips smoked with a nice and blue smoke.

Grapes will grow almost anywhere the climate is moderate. If you know where there is a grapevine, just clip off about a foot from a green branch, stick it in water till roots show then plant it in a fibre pot. If you live in a colder climate you will have to buy your grapes so that they come with a grafted on rootstock which is a bit more hardy.

For comparison Cherry is like grape-lite if that makes any sense to you.
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