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smoking a spiral ham

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My wife wants me to smoke a pre cooked 10.5lb spiral ham. I need some help with a rub and temp to cook it.What internal temp should I shoot for? I have a propane smoker. This will be my 3rd time to smoke anything.
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If its precooked yur just reheating it and should be some instructions on the package but if not 150 would be fine for a precooked one
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150 internal?
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like da man said......just heat it up!
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thank you mr.patterson
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Here is a Spiral Ham I did.
The dowels worked good. Good luck with your ham. Dont forget the Qview.
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get it up to 140 and tent it in tin foil
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As stated if your ham is precooked then no need to temp it.
You can check out Jeff's youtube video on how to smoke a ham, come out perfect!
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Ok Jim beat me too it. Jeff had a video on this subject. Then go out and get the recipe for his rub. It's that good.
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I smoked a spiral ham only once and it turned out terrible. The slices were thin and when it started to smoke, the ham separated and didn't stay together. This resulted in a jerky-like ham product with a strong smoke flavor.

Hope your ham turns out great! I should've watched Jeff's video before taking on this venture. Maybe it's time to try again.
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