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Venison tenderloin appetizers

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Normally the tenderloins get consumed immediately after harvesting, shared by everyone at hunting camp, but this year I got one the morning we were coming home so the tenderloins made it home.
A buddy served this up in camp and I decided to try it with the tenderloin.
Simple venison medallion, with a pepper ring stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon.
Cold start...

prep time

was going to try to add onion, but didn't work out, also would rather fresh jalapenos but jarred peppers had to do.

prep almost done,

grill is warming up

apply heat...

bacon was slightly charred because charcoal too close to grate, otherwise came out great!

Thanks for looking!
Happy New Years to you and yours!
btw had I smoked them I would have put them in the "through down" and pulled out the good camera instead of the phone! ;-)
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That looks really good. Both of my tenderloins made it home unscathed as well, so I might just have to try that out.
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WOW...Those look good..I wil have to try those soon!!!!!!!
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Nice. i will be trying this. I got away with the backstrap out of four deer. Cant wait. Thanks.
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That looks awesome I'll be trying it for sure PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif tho I may use the smoker
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They Look Good...
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I tried this yesterday taking it to a game feed with a bunch of hunters, a great hit.  I did just use hot pepperoncini's out of a jar which worked very well with the vinnegar seeming to add some extera tenderization of the meat.  I highly recommend this recipe. 

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Very Nice.

I hope to take up hunting again next fall and am looking for venison recipes.

Thank You!

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