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Getting tired of smoked meats?...........Blasphemy!

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Well, we are almost into 2010 and I have been eating pork since Christmas eve. Tired of it yet?..........................NO!

Smoked some ribs today.

Here they are resting in the refrigerator all rubbed up.

Into the UDS.

Finished and smelling hevenly!

Can never grow tired of eating pig.

Happy New Year Everyone! John
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Ahh ribs and Schlitz. Sounds like a good combo and those r some nice looking ribs. Nice work
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Amen to both!!!!!
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Tired of It?

Never! I've been eatin smoked pork for awhile too. My wife bakes or cooks something and it's bland no matter what she does to it. It's ok if she reads this cause she agrees with me. She's hooked on smoked meats too.
Oh yea, them ribs look great!

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Ribs Look Good...
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HOG! It's All Good! Can't go wrong with bacon fat!icon_smile.gif
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Pork fat rules. Looks good. Been smoking ribs and ham through the holidays for some out of town friends this week. All dissapeared pretty quickly.

Copped out New Years Eve and did Surf and Turf - bacon wrapped filets with lobster (6.99/lb - if you can believe that) on the grill..........

Happy New Year!!
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Apparently tasted good too. Last night when my wife and I were out dancing..................yes dancing..................My son (a very generous lad) and his "piggy" friends made a meal of the was carnage!

No problem however, I have two more full slabs in the freezer, which to his dismay will be off limits to him and his recalcitrant buddies. LOL

Happy New Year Everyone, John
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way to put that UDS to work! looks great ~
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A poet couldn't have said it any better PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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those look good
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Pork is just one of the things that the wife has told me "that we will never run out of" So I guess me and the smokers are in some sort if heaven. Oh yea the other thing is Abt's
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Nice looking ribs, John. Glad to hear you and the wife had some fun ringing in the New Year. Have fun with your next rib smoke! icon_smile.gif
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Thanks Lauren,

We had fun dancing the new year in. I will probably have more fun smoking the next batch of ribs..........Go Steelers!
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Ahhhhhhh, Schlitz!

It is you know "The Beer that make Milwaukee famous"

Thanks Milwaukee, John
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It's been decades since Schlitz was available around here. Schlitz, Falstaff and Lone Star used to be the big sellers when I was a kid (late 60's).
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Here in Pennsylvania we have beer distributors. You have to purchase beer by the case. Schlitz has always been available and if not, all you had to do was ask the owner or manager for it and presto! appears. Just about true of any brand.

Six packs were only available for take out in bars and taverns but we are finally getting to a point where we will have the privilege of purchasing six packs in local grocery stores (limited areas only for now). Pennsylvania has always been backwards when it came to any kind of booze sales.

From what I understand Schlitz has gone back to brewing its original formula which is presently available in Milwaukee and soon to be available here in the Pittsburgh area starting the first quarter of the new year. Well, that is what the representative from Schlitz has told me.
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