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Wings and Drumettes

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I plan on smoking some wings and drumettes tomorrow in my MES. Can someone tell me what temp I need to cook them at and how long. I have done them before on a wood smoker but this is my first time in a electric smoker. Thanks in advance for your help.
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I cook mine between 250-275. They only take about a hour and a half. I check the meat temp after a hour. Sometimes I take them off and sauce then finish on a hot grill.
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they are the best! smoke for an hour and a half at 275, put them on my gas grill on high to finish... add sauce and eat
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Best wings I ever smoked were smoked then covered in hot sauce and allowed to sit for the night, next day dropped into a fryer, could probably do on the grill as well.
The sauce makes them extra moist and the smoke flavor that comes out as they sit is great.
Reuse the sauce to toss them in. No need to heat the sauce if the wings were fully cooked going into it, but if they weren't 100% done you could simmer the sauce.
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Thanks for the help. I will be putting them on in about 1hr just in time for some football. I will let you know how they turn out. Happy New Year everyone have a safe one.
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