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Sausage casings

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I read somewhere that if you add vinegar to the water you soak sausage casings in it will make the casings more tender. Just curious if anyone has tried this and if it works.
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I do, and it seems to help, also helps with the odor of fresh casings which I am no fan of. I also soak my fibrous summer sausage casings in warm water for about a half hour then a quick soak in vinegar. This seems to help the casing peel off easier when done.
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mulepackin, how much and what kind of binder should i use with my non binder home ss recipe?
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Posted an answer to this on your perforated casing thread. Hope it helps.
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My local meat shop says he soaks his caisings in meat tenderizer. His only caution is you leave it in to long you will end up with mushy AND/OR casings that bust way to easy.
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I suspect that the acids in the vinegar are doing the same thing as the papain in meat tenderizer. I wouldn't allow casing to sit in either solution for more than about 30 min.
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I read it some where about the vingar thing. I will have to try it one day soon as I'm making sausage today. I will let you know if it works cause the wife doesn't like the natural casings I have been using to date.
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