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My First Chucks with Qview

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What I did wrong - I got nervous they would not get over the plateau and turned up the heat. Made them a little dry but tasted awesome.

Making my Rub

The Roasts

Rubbed and Injected

The Rig

A few hours in

A few more hours

Done, lets eat:

This was actually xmas eve, I was just a little slow getting it done.
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If you had wrapped it tightly in foil with some of the juice, maybe it would have absorbed some back into the meat. At any rate, it looks good to me!
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Yeah, when I did the finishing in the oven, I forgot to foil :(
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Looks good to me. Nice smoke ring. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Chucks look great... Good Job...
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At least you tried them... I haven't even done any beef yet.

I think they look great but have to agree you probably would have retained some moisture if you foiled.

What temp and what time did you do these at???
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Those Chukies look wonderful!
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