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My Fatty Split

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Has anyone had thier fatty split. I put two on the smoker and both split on the seams. I packaged b oth in Saran wrap and did the spin trick. I will get Qview to work and take some pics. Jim
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Hey Jim, dont worry.. Im sure most of us have had that happen before...... After the saran wrap did u put them back in the fridge( or freezer) to firm up?? And were they wrapped in bacon? Both of those help with that issue... Dont give up, fatties rawk !!! Happy smokes
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It sounds like the seams just did not get sealed all the way thru and that they split from the inside. That is what happened to one of mine
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One was wrapped in Bacon. One was not. Yes I chilled in frig for a couple of hours.

Might have I gotten it to cold?
I could tell when the Bacon split. I seen a very quick rise in temps.
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its hard to tell with that picture, but what did you have as a stuffing? was it something that would expand when cooked? how much did the sausage overlap when it was sealed?

I bet it still tasted good :-)
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From your picture I would guess you had the seam sitting at the top, when making a fattie you should place it in the smoker seam down so it won't pull away as it cooks.
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Wow, mine have never pulled away like that before... It happens though... Whatever doesn't kill us, makes us stronger!
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I did go seam up. I still have one in the frig. I will try seam down. Thanks for the tip.

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I'd say it was sitting seam side up. Look at it like this.

Just tell anyone who asks, "It was bursting with flavor" icon_mrgreen.gif

I have had them do that to me when making them. Did you do the plastic wrap thing where you wrap it in saran wrap, then give it a few spins to tighten things up? May help to sorta "glue" things together, but in the future, try seam side down, I think that will help.
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When doing the Fatties with the Saran wrap, do you wrap the fattie with the bacon on, or before putting on the bacon?
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I wrap mine with bacon on. Roll it up, just like a Tootsie roll in the wrapper. Hold it by both ends and then just kinda roll it across the table like a rolling pin, if that makes sense the way I am describing it. Let it sit like that all nice and tight until your ready to smoke it. Someone on here I know has a pic of what it should look like so anyone reading this that does, post a pic so he can have a good understanding of what we mean. I don't have a photo otherwise I would post one.
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Yes I did the Saran trick. It was packed real nice. Maybe I needed a cocktail?biggrin.gif
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Yes do the bacon weave first. Than the sausage. Saran wrap roll let sit. Put in smoker 45 minutes later say oh **** now what. Check out this link.


Great pics and tutorial.
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Is it okay to leave fattie in fridge overnite before smoking?
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Absolutely, the only time I wouldn't is if filling with nachos/biscuits/anything that will absorb the grease and become soggy but yes, overnight in the fridge is perfectly fine.
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I cannt tell much from the photo but it burst have you thought maybe o the next one not too put so much filling in them and get more rolls to them.
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Looks like a steam explosion. Those pieces of pepper look pretty big. How much cheese did you put in that thing?

Next time maybe you could try sauteeing your peppers and onions ahead of time, letting them cool and then contsruct your fatty.
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I finally WIN

I made 3 fatty's cooked two that split. Well I finally got around to cooking the 3rd. I put it seam down the only thing I changed. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

ENJOY the view

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Thanks Gents

BTW thanks for the HELP.

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Looks Good...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

On the other two remember we eat our mistakes so No Evidence Exists That There Was a Mistake...icon_mrgreen.gif
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