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Cristmas weekend chicken with Qview!

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Fired up the drum on Sunday and did some chicken up for the kids. They love Daddy's chicken!

Used Stubb's for the first time with some apple wood.

Chicken rubbed down.

Drum dialed in. It was the first run after installing a stove gasket to seal up the lid, what a difference!

Chicken done.

Plated with baked tater.

The judges approve!

The boy was so messy with sauce a bath was needed after! He loves to spike that hair!

Nothing real special but thanks for looking!
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Looks good.

How did you like the Stubbs?
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Heya Billbo,

That chicken looks great.

What temp did you cook it at?

The skin looks nice and crispy.

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Nice job on these!!! Stubbs is a great sauce! I love it!
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Very nicePDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I did like the Stubbs, seemed to burn nice. I will use it again. I haven't looked to see how much ash it produced yet though.
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Thanks Chris, I ran mid grate @ 250° to keep the side therm @ 200°. In the winter I need to run it hotter to keep the sides up to temp. I don't mind with chicken, the skin was delish!
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Sorry for the confusion, I used stubbs charcoal briquettes.
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Yeah, I have heard good feedback on it but have yet to try it. I miss having Rancher readily availble to run through the Stumps. Nice to have a good briq to use to avoid bridges in the chute.

If you think of it, please share your observations on the ash production.
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