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Baby Backs w/Q-view

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Since I'm off work until after the new year, I had time to plan a midweek smoke. I had a 3-pack of baby backs (8.8 lbs.) from Costco in the freezer, so I defrosted them over the weekend. I got some smoking chunks for Christmas (cherry and pecan, both of which I've never used), so I decided to use the cherry for these slabs.

I also just got a rib rack for use in the UDS, so I cut the slabs in half after removing the membranes, so I could use the rack and keep the meat more centered on the cooking grate.

I used three different rubs on the BBs - GrillMates Pork Rub, Zatarain's Creole Seasoning, and a homemade rub adapted from a Steven Raichlen recipe.

The ribs were smoked for 5 hours using the 2-1-2 method (still experimenting with varying the foiling times). I used RO lump with the cherry chunks at 220-240 F. I spritzed with a mixture of apple juice and bourbon before after foiling.

Now for some Q-view.

The rubs:

Rubs applied in the same order as above:

In the rack ready for the smoker:

The finished pile of pork:

Typical cut rib:

The five of us managed to eat well, and we still had about half of the total left over:

BTW - if you're looking for sauce, the universal preference at my house is for ribs naked, i.e., without any sauce. Strange, but true.
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We're waiting for the Q View... but pics are not being displayed.
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