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Pulled Pork in 16 Degrees

I just today did a pulled pork in 16 degree temps. Actually didn't have any problems.
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Our smoke yesterday started @ 20*F. The only problem was it took a bit longer to get the cooker up to smoking temperature. We had a first--the doors on either end hung and wouldn't close well until the vessel's temp evened out. They were cut with a plasma torch and have really tight tolerances. The doors expanded before the ends of the tank did.

Once uniform temperature was reached, it was all good. The doors didn't hang any. Initially, it took more wood. Once we were at cooking temps, wood consumption seemed pretty normal. The high for the day was around 32*F.
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Its 7 degrees out right now and I am smoking a meatloaf and 26 chicken legs. Things are going great. I do find myself going out and adjusting the temp every once in a while because the temp keeps droping.
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It's about 25 outside right now and I have a pork shoulder on the smoker. It took a lot longer to get the smoker up to temp, as others have said, but was all good once it got there. The cool breeze blowing into the vent actually made the temp spike over 300 a couple times unexpectedly so far :/
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Mine is a propane GOSM, No problems in 19 deg tem today for a pork loin and ABTs internal temp the same but did have to turn the burner up a a little though.
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