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summer sausage casings

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fibrous or collagen for summer sausage? i hear the collagen is cheaper and does not wrinkle up. i am getting ready to buy a 1000 meter roll. have used fibrous. will try collagen brfore i order 3280 ft[1000 meter] roll. thanks.
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I personally will be using stock nets from now on...but I have used fibrous and collagen and get wrinkles either way...
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Explain the net

Can you please explain using stocking net. I did order some from Butcher Packer with my last order, just wanted to hear your way of doing it.

I saw a post from Ron P how he did a pair of pork loins that looked real good, just don't know about how to do a sausage.
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I use fibrous that I get from my local butcher. If I stuff very tightly, smoke at proper temps, then cool in ice water I have very little if any wrinkle problem.
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nice.maybe i need to calibrate thermometer.mine wrinkle bad. i use 12 inch casings and shower in cold tapwater.let sit in room temp and then into fridge. they hava a sprocket look to them.edible and not too dry,just look funny.
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I used 12" Fibrous and had minimal wrinkles. Cooked at 172 the whole time til it got to 156 internal. then into a cold bath. Just stuff them nice and tight.
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Welcome to SMF

Welcome That is a whole lot of casing. Hope your getting a good deal and have a bunch of meat at your disposal.
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Fiberous is what I use on SS. Stuff em good an tight, keep yer temps down in the 180° area to an internal a 155° then immediatly inta a cold bath till the internal drops below 120°. Should help bunchs with the wrinkle problem.

You can get a old style casin called Hukki which has the netting effect built onta the casin, gives it the old butcher shop look, but ain't cheap. Ya can do somethin similar by addin nettin to the fiberous casin, gotta be the same diameter if not a bit smaller then what yer makin so when ya stuff it push's the casin out through the nettin. Looks really nice but a fair piece a work.
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i started using the netting bout 1 1/2 years ago.
like it best of all..

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I use fibrous casings with my summer sausage too, without any wrinkling. Like others have said, stuff tight and keep smoker temp down. I don't even have to use the icewater bath--I'm lucky enough to live where I can jus open the smoker door, and let the -20*F temperature outside do the rest!
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ok thanks. yea i got a good deal on the 1000 meter roll 2.25 dia casing. if yall need some let me know unless its against forum rules. i aint in the butcher supply business but could help someone out .
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Are you just using netting, or are you using a netting over a casing? I would think that large of a netting wouldn't confine the ground meat properly. The presentation is fantastic in any event!
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Like eveyone else said,A hint to keeping it tight though,we sometimes will take the casing and squeeze it it the middle and make it into 2 different links(if you have a long enough casing to start with).It will get real tight.
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Amazing what a guy can learn here from a 7 year old thread :)

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