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Turkey Temp

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Ive seen a lot of posts with a bunch of different temps. to smoke a bird.
What temps do you guys suggest. thanks

Any guesses at time on a 16 lb turkey at 230 degrees???
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I try to maintain about 225 to 250.

If you want a little crisp to the skin, rub it with mayo before putting the rub on. Otherwise the skin might be a bit rubbery. You can also bump the temp up near the end of the smoke but that is a risky game to play as a higher temp probabaly won't jack the internal temp up that quickly but could burn the skin.
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16 pounder I would smoke at 300° - 325° ta get it through the danger zone faster. It will also give ya a better skin texture. However, ya wanna watch the rub ya use if it's got alotta sugar in it it will come out darker. If yer makin yer own rub, use turbinado (Raw) sugar as it don't tend ta do that as easy.

Another thought is ta spatchcock that turkey so it's got a bigger surface area.
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Very good advise from a man who knows his smoke and Q.
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