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Dr. Pepper, Really?

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Picked me a butt up tonight. Thought of trying something different and seem to recall using DR. PEPPER to marinate with.

Interested to hear who has tried it and how much do you use? Any other items added to the mix?

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I have used Coke in the water pan for a turkey. It really did infuse in the meat! I was impressed. I am sure that DP would add flavor too, but it would have to work pretty hard to compete with the strong flavor of pork.

I recommend you search for SoFlaQers Finishing Sauce. It is amazing on pulled pork. I won't make pulled pork without it anymore.
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As far as flavor vs. smoke; I believe I read that Dr. P tenderizes the meat.
Not sure?
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whered you pick up the butt at? i always try to marinade em with plenty of jd before i pick em up!!!
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Used it to marinate a brisket and was good but never pork. Let us know how it works!

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LOL me too...As ugly as I am I have to marinate them first!!!!!!!!!!
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I have never marinated with it but Ive used it for teh liquid when I foil ribs and its good there...Try it and see just make sure to post yur thoughts on it and how it worked...
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I marinade myself with the jd..
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i always say, you got a job to do, whatever it takes to get er done
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I saw someone suggest this yesterday. I intend to try as well
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i do not use dr. pepper as a marinade, but i can promise you it will make an excellent ingredient for a mop.

the mop i use, which is good on all meats but seems especially suited to pork, is this:

1 cup dr. pepper
2/3 cup LOW SODIUM soy sauce
1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil

run this through a blender each time before you use it in order to emulsify the oil into the mop, then spray on with a spray bottle OR mop on with a brush or mop. do this about once every 45 minutes-to-an-hour after the first two hours of barbecuing.

you will not be disappointed.
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When I was at Menards yesterday I saw they had a ready made marinade that said Dr. Pepper on it.
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