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Sausage Seasonings

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i went to my local butcher and bought pre pakaged seasonings each enough for 25 lbs so that should last me forever. anyone try these kind? and whats your opinion?
seems like the way to go for 4 bucks each, why make my own? spices are spices right?
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I guess if you like the sausage at your local butcher then its a good thing. I bought prepackaged seasonings for my first batch and for my first bacon but i will make my own at some point.
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I just ordered some from American Spice and will eventually do the same thing as you in making my own
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I have been making my own following Rytek Kutas' book with a few alterations after an initial attempt. Tomorrow I am going to try some of these from Len Poli's website that I stumbled across a few months ago. http://home.pacbell.net/lpoli/
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I do a lot of mine from Rytek's book, some with modifications, and I use some premixes. If you like what you're making it doesn't matter if it's your formula or someone else's.
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There it is... plain and simple.
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i just ordered ryteks book yesterday should be here soon
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You will like teh Ryteks Book...Its full of info
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Did you get the Leggs brand seasoning packs?
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yes i got the leggs brand, have you had them?
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Im still working on the first batch of seasoning packages for sausage but I bought enough for 50lbs and I think I have a package left.
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Packages are consistant

If you like the consistency of the sausage at your butcher, then go for it I have used legs and they are good and the price is right.

For some reason I like to tinker with different ingredients and different types of sausages.
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Yes I have used Leggs and its good they make several good varieties but most grocers don't carry them all. Also remember the cure is not added to the spice packs of Leggs it has to be added
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I've used both Legg's and Old Plantation in different markets I'd cut meat in, both are good. I liked the Legg's breakfast sausage, it gave the meat a very nice bloom, made it sell well.

I just got a catalog from P.S. Seasonings and Spices that looks interesting, by a family run company by the name of the Hanni's; http://www.psseasoning.com ; they have some different things in there.
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well i am confused with this curing process? i didnt think i had to cure unless i slow smoked or dryed out the sausage? i am gonna grill my sausages or pan fry the breakfast kind isnt that ok?
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You are correct, If you are doing fresh sausage then the cure is not needed. but like any ground meat, use in a few days or store in the freezer.
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ok cool thats what i thought, i will learn alot from rytecs book i hope when i get it
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If you like a sage based breakfast sausage with a little heat, Leggs #10 is hard to beat, and it is usually under $2.00 a pack. I also use their snack stick, summer and smoked polish with good results. Just modify them to your liking.

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Great source of blends as well as some of the freshest spices you'll find.



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just my own thoughts but for $4 you'd be hard pressed to buy the spices. if its a shop blend and you like there sausage id say your $ ahead doing that

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