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smoked over apple for about 2 hr but it's so cold here the ecb wouldn't get her temp pass 148 so i finished in the oven to 160. sorry about the pic..flash stoped working on my cam icon_neutral.gif

as you can see it didn't take long for people to start eatin it
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Looks great to me. I am planning to do my first meatloaf this week since I am off all week. I love meatloaf and it can only be better after smoked.
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Did you put the meatloaf in a pan like you would in the oven?
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Did you still get the nice smoke taste in it???????????/
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i smoked it for in hour on foil then slid it off the foil for the remainder of the smoke. def had a light smoky flavor but i only used two handfuls of apple chips because i was out. i think the apple was too light for the beef
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Would think the apple was a little light but sounds like you had a winner...Try some Hichory next time...
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Congrats on your smoke!

My wife asked me to make a meatloaf in the oven the other night. I told her I'll never make another meatloaf in the oven again. They're just too darned good on the smoker.
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do you just make a meatloaf like for the oven or do you add more bread crumbs or filler to make it firmer?
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We have yet to make a meatloaf in the oven sinces we made in the smoker. It's really that good too.
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no you make it the same i believe
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Looks Great...
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When you smoke a meatloaf do you wrap it after awhile so it doesn't take on too much smoke?
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no just cook to 160
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Got Jeffs recipe from the web site.. I thought I saw previous pictures cooking straight on the racks. Web site shows cooking in shallow pan.
Anyone shed any light on this for me.. can wait to try.
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I just used some double foil as a pan to keep the loafs from coming apart when tryin to put it on the rack..after it cooked for about an hour and got a little firm i slid it off onto the rack to get better smoke penetration. but I think you'd be safe leaving it on the pan because ground beef absorbs smoke pretty well.
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