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New Masterbuilt-MES Sam's Club W/QVIEW

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They are in as of Saturday, here anyway.

Item # 173462 if you want to check with your store. Note, they don't appear online yet.

New chip tray is centered and smaller.

Old one.

New chip loader will drop chips to the center now. That may help with the hot spot on the right side.

Old chip loader.

It also has an access door on the back, looks just big enough to access the element. It is my understanding that new element is 1200 watts instead of 800.

From all I can tell it should be a better unit.

I guess they are listening to us.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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But mine is only 6 months old (sob) I still am learning how to use it properly!PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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Is this the 30" or the 40"?
Am looking for a 40". Want to make sure a full rack of ribs fits on a rack.
Don't have a Sam's card but would get one if the price is good.

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I don't see it as centered and the old element came in from the back wall. What am I missing Ron?
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It is the 40'. And if you get it from Sam's get the 3 year warrantee for 39 dollars, well worth it.

My bad, I guess I meant the chip tray. It used to go all the way to the right. You have had yours apart so you know first hand. Don't know what I was thinking.icon_redface.gif

I changed it, thanks for the keen eye.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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i just received one of these new MES smokers for christmas, it doesnt have the window, and its a bit small, i think 30" wide. it is very nice, i didnt have a problem with hotspots or anything. the loader is really nice too. the temperature gauge is great. the downside is the size. as mentioned, it wont fit a full rack of ribs, or a full brisket. but all in all its a great little smoker. we had a little cheif that was worn out and we got rid of it a few years ago. all we used to smoke was salmon and trout. this new MES is a great upgrade!


sorry for my very un-technical review!
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I just had an "Incident" at Cabelas where I asked for a Masterbuilt and the salesman tried to flip me into a $250 more expensive Bradley.

I left Cabelas very confused and did 2 things:
1. Joined SMF!!
2. Called Masterbuilt and asked them lots of questions!!

Masterbuilt has come out with new models that have higher wattage heating elements and these heating elements are now "Replaceable"!!

New 30" MES - Model #20010910
New 40" MES - Model #20070710

The new 40" MES has a window, meat probe, internal light and replaceable 1200 watt heating element.

The new 40" has black sides and a SS door. The old unit has SS on the sides and door.

I'm heading to my SAMS tomorrow morning!

Sorry Cabelas!

Todd Johnson

No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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question, during the smoke can you actually see inside? looks like a great idea

btw welcome back
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Yes you can see inside, but as with anything else you have to clean it every time which isn't too bad if you do it everytime. Now with the winter I will clean less and suffer for it later.
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You may wan't to call ahead and use the item # I posted. Make sure they have them in, good luck and good choice.
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SAMS was running a credit card deal around X-Mas. It may still be going.

If you signed up for a SAMS credit or a Discovery Card thru SAMS, you got a $40 gift card IMMEDIATELY.

Buy something cheap and sign up for the card, then go back and get the smoker for $40 off!

I did this on a KitchenAid mixer for the wife.


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I already called, and not available yet, but they're checking the ETA.

We are currently in a "Deep Freeze" up here in Minnesota, so our SAMS Clubs are a little slow!

Thanks For The Heads Up!!!


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Ron, I'm still trying to figure out if the mod on the chip tray is a good thing or not. Seems to be exposed to less of the element which may allow for a slower smolder and longer smoking time per batch. It may be harder to get smoke at lower temps. Be interested in your take once you break in that new smoker.

Glad I got my smoke generator together to fit the MES. Works for cold smoking and to get more smoke at lower temps.

Anyway, congrats on the new smoker. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I didn't buy one, I was just reporting this for other folks.icon_confused.gif

I have a similar concern with the chip tray since I use chunks, I usually use 2 at a time width wise and it looks like only one will fit now. I just put 1 in the van and will check tomorrow.
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Thanks Ron, been anxious to see the changes. I think just adding the replaceable 1200 watt element will make a huge difference in the preheat and recovery times.
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Anyone know if you can replace the 800 watt element on the older model with the new 1200 watt element?
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I would call customer service and ask them.
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I checked with our local Sam's Clubs today and they haven't gotten them in so far... They said to call back in a few days and they would let me know when they will be there...
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MES at sams

If your local sams club doesn't have the new MES yet , You can ask nicely (or Bi--h and raise hell like i did) and get one shipped in from another store that has them.
MAKE SURE and ask for the 3 year warrenty. I did not know about it and was not informed of it by the sales person at sams. Had my MES about 2 months b4 finding out about the warrenty and sams would not sell it to me after the fact.
I love useing the MES , Doesn't produce the pretty smoke ring for q view that my offset does . But i don't eat the pictures ?
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Eman.... I don't think the smoke ring is important either but I've been adding a little lump in with my chips and I also put a piece of it in when I'm preheating and along with the moisture from the water tray... I've ended up with smoke rings anyway.
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