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If you had to pick one thing??? - Page 2

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Ribs, but like etcher1's idea also.
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Prime Rib if I haven't smoked and ate my own weight in it I will have soon enough because I still smoke it as much as I can.
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Hey, this isn't fair. I'm too new to this site to have tried all the possibilities. I'm doing a brisket later this week, heck, I might like it better than "salmon" (although, that's going to be tough to beat). Then there's all the sausages yet to be contemplated. Dutch's Beans, man they look good. It's just so, STRESSFUL!!!! How about settling for a food group? I choose MEAT!icon_mrgreen.gif
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That's like asking me "which is your favorite kid?" Tough question, depends on my mood.PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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I'm with you on this but "BABY BACKS RULE" PDT_Armataz_01_42.gif
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1.5 lb BB's.
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Spareribs. Hands down my favorite. Everthing else bein a close 2nd course!icon_mrgreen.gif
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That made my day Dave.
Not only a great show and a great song but a good message as well PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

As for only one thing...That's tough.
I think I would have to agree with MeatHunter that it would be brisket because that is how you get those delicious, melt in your mouth crunch tasty smoky little pieces of Heavenly goodness they call Burnt Ends.
Would it count if I did pastrami since it is still a brisket just cured?
Sure I love burnt ends but I equally love pastrami bites...
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Ribs for me.
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Hmm, Tough one.

I would go with Pulled Pork.

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Spare ribs... I like that smoky fat.

mackerel is good; but then again, so is salmon.

... and yes, it is a lot like asking which is your favorite kid ...
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Smoked Meatloaf... They are just that good!
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Pulled pork for me.. I cook it into so much other stuff. Even use it in place of bacon in recipes.

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