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Official SMF January Throwdown

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Here are the rules, please read them carefully.
Official Monthly Throwdown Rules
1. The dish must be SMOKED in the cooking process, or feature SMOKED ingredients in a prominent manner.
2. You must follow the throwdown theme.
3. All entries must be cooked during the current throwdown period (1/1 - 1/31). A code word will be provided and must be written on an object and shown in your picture. This month's code word is MUNCHIES
4. All entries must be submitted by Midnight Eastern time on the night of 1/31.
5. Entries are to be submitted to me (Fired Up) via Private Message with ONE picture of your dish and a brief description of your entry. Do NOT post your entries in the general forum until after the contest winners have been determined or you will be DISQUALIFIED. After you send me your picture please do not move or delete it from photobucket so that it will remain in the posted thread for future viewing.
6. There will be two categories for the judging. One will be determined by the judges of the events committee, and the other by SMF members choice through a voting poll. One contestant cannot win both categories. If that should happen, the runner up in the Members choice category will be the winner of that category. Any ties will be broken by the events committee's judging votes. Prize(s) if any will be awarded to the winner of each category.
7. Events committee judging will be based on three scores, each given a score of 1-10 for a 30 possible points per judge. These will then be combined with all of the judges scores. Whoever has the most points will be the winner. The judging will be based on these three scores.
ORIGINALITY =Trying something outside of the box.
APPEARANCE = How good the dish looks.
DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY = Technical difficulty and the amount of work that has gone into the dish.
8. Any entries that do not adhere to these rules will be disqualified. Judges decisions are final.
9. These rules are subject to change. Any changes made will be added at the beginning of the following throwdown.
If you have any questions please send me (Fired Up) a private message and I will be happy to answer them for you.
Good Luck and have fun!

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LOVE THIS THEME!!! Just in time for the Super Bowl parties, to boot!!
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I too like this theme. I wanted so badly to make this months entry, but its only 1 degree outside. Yeah, 1, the number between zero and two. I felt like smoking something, but as cold as its been, the felling went away LOL.
I've got 30 plus days to come up with something and maybe get some warmer tempsbiggrin.gif
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Great theme and allows for some quick smokes for the northern folks course at 1 degree I don't think I could do any smoke hopefully you'll get a decent day
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Good choice, I might be able to get in on this one.
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Im submitting something for sure this month....
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oh yeah, you can count me in, i dont know how many tappas places are in miami, but i'll bet a cord of orange wood theres more than in wisconsin, got about 20 ideas so far how many entries are allowed per person?
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The clutch is out and I'm in gear...
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So we can submit these at 12:01 A.M. on 1/1/10 right? ;)

I like this months theme.
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Now Trent are you gonna be sober enough to post at 12:01 a.m. on 1/1/10 biggrin.gif
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hopefully not, his picture will be all blurry
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Only one photo entry per person, but your photo could be of a large platter of several different appetizers.
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Very funny!
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LOL! I cracked up when I read that. Truth be told I'll be lucky to make it to new years!
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Looking forward to seeing all the entries!
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what Jeanie said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
i'm in on this munchies thing.
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Don't have a thought of something to make yet if I jump in on this but I did want to say I love the new way of putting it at the top of the active thread page. It draws attention to it which will bring more interest. So props to whoever thought of it.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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December results not even in yet and my brain is in gear! I got andouille to do this weekend so maybe later in the month! LOL I hate long lines!
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Sounds like another good one.
I actually have a chili I made 2 days ago for the Dec. throwdown but haven't submitted it yet...super busy the last few days, yesterday was 8 hours and hundred of miles of driving for this and that, not to mention a new battery in the car, another $125 *poof...gone
Good times...good times.
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so they have one of these every month
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