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Hmm... let's itemize it: (note: prices rounded up but that still doesn't cover shipping or tax, where applicable)

Auber SYL-1512A 1/32 DIN temp controller: $36
RTD: $16
SSR: $15
Heat sink for the SSR: $10
K-thermocouple connector: $5
RTD connector: $4
Low-cost oven cooking probe- k-thermocouple: $33
Ogden ETR9300-411110 temp controller: $65
Project box: $13
IEC socket with fuse holder, fuses, 3-prong outlet, illuminated switch, misc wire, etc.: approx $8

So, it cost a little over $200. Knock $20 off the meat probe if I got it from Auber too and it would have been under $200 possibly with shipping costs included.

Don't tell my boss, but I spent more than that much in time wasted at work coming up with this setup.

Like I said, that was another way I rationalized buying the Cookshack- it would be really sad if my modifications cost more than the smoker itself. As it is, I have $600 invested in something that does what their $1600 Amerique does. Admittedly, my SM-008 doesn't have the capacity of the Amerique, but I don't need that capacity that often either.

The really great deal was the Ogden controller since the 1/16 DIN Fuji PXR controller that I was looking at, when spec'd out for the Event/Digital Input cost over $200 itself. Retail, that is. Trying to find one with all the right options on ebay was impossible- especially the digital input.
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Thanks for all the info man....points for helpfulness and a brilliant idea
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Thanks for the info, pictures, and procedures.

I purchased the MES 40" for around $280 with freight, because I felt that if it failed I could do exactly what you have out lined.

Rather than spend another $290+ for an updated MES, I think when mine finally takes a dump I will upgrade the element, wiring, plus add the PID controller and meat probe, and still be slightly less than a new MES. Which in the end will be more modular for components and less costly to replace. As long as the cabinet stays intact for small family smoker it seems to be the perfect size/capacity.

It would really be great to find a replacement for the MES digital controller that has all the newer features and sells for less than $100 including sensors.
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Great project

I also like the fact that you can set some alarm outputs (lights, sirens oh yea)......

points.gifFor the detail.
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