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Good wood in NJ

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I live in central jersey. I'm looking for a place where I can buy special hardwoods. Like apple cherry etc. Anyone able to ring in on where I can get it from. I get around north jersey with work so up there works to. THanks
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Try a place where I get some stuff from. see the link I provided. You have to order it but its good stuff.
Good luck
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According to the BBQ Galore website, you have 4 stores in NJ
They have good wood in chunks and chips in bags on the shelf

Also found these when I Googled BBQ Wood in NJ

Bowden's Fireside Hearth & Home

1731 Nottingham Way, Trenton, NJ - (609) 586-3344

7 reviews, directions, and more »

The Wood Pit Barbecue

108 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, NJ - (973) 954-4679
"My friend and I went last night and enjoyed ..."

13 reviews, directions, hours, and more »


1 Branch Street, Medford, NJ - (609) 654-1384
1 review, directions, and more »
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The place I get my wood from has lots of kinds and great prices, oak, peach, cherry, apple and assorted bin that contains maple.
They also sell many local items like local made blueberry, tomato, peach, apple butters, apple cider, peach cider, apple and peach salsas.
They will be open until the end of January.
Not sure how far North you are so it may be a bit of a drive for you, but you can try and locate local farms/orchards that grow and sell fruits, lots of times they will season and sell the wood from their trees.

And the location on Googlemaps

*Just realized you had already sent me a PM about this, well...there's the info for anyone else interested.
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i buy hickory from a local bbq place.. were are you in jersey?
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Yeah Fire It Up told me about this place as well... I get my wood from there now so does my Bro & my buddy...
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I picked up a bin of cherry from schober orchards this year myself. cool place
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