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second smoke, few pics

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well thanks to alot of reading posts on here the second time around was not even a comparison to my first try. so i need to thanks all involved with this site, great find.

so we did a rack of baby back ribs which i used a famous daves rub over a lil bit of mustard. did the 2-2-1 method and these where some very impressive ribs, i sprayed with apple cider vinegar throughout cooking maybe 2 or 3 times uncovered, and a little bit of bbq sauce the last hr.

we also had some marinated beef shoulder pieces, they were in some zesty.... marinade, flipped them once throughout the 3 hr period and they were just phenomenol, perfect smoke ring and pulled them off at about 140 degrees.

then i had a few pieces of steelhead i caught about a month back and i brined them in a basic brine with alot of soy and brown sugar, had them on for about 3 hrs and they came out great.

i used sugar and silver maple thought out the smoke session, kept the temp 230-250 and it worked out perfect.

ribs before the smoker

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Great looking smoke. Glad it all worked out for you. Congratulations on a successful smoke!
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Looks Great...
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Good job. The ribs look awesome. I don't know anything about steelhead, but I usually pull my salmon earlier than you did, just a thought. Great job.
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steelhead a.k.a. rainbow or silver trout, but yeah i think they were on a little bit too long, but still really good. i still have about 15 lbs so i'll be doing it a few different ways.
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It looks great! Nice job.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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All looks really good to me. The ribs are falloff the bone tender lookin at the bones on the side. I have never had steelhead/ silve trout or waht ever you call them. But it looks delishes.
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Stuff looks great to me to. How do you like that brinkman? They had them on sale at the home depot not to long ago and I was thinking about grabbing one.
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yeah the brinkman is a great smoker for a first timer like me i think. i would suggest it.

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