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Note these are just my thoughts!!!! From my research and design on my smoke house, I put some thought into many aspects, but realizing that I was bound to miss some also. Here are some of the things that I had done to mine. When I designed my door I also did not take into account smoke leakage along my door. I solved a large precentage of this by backing the inside threshold with 2"x1" furing strips. I also put a door foam seal between the furing strips and the door. This solved about 90% of my door leakage. I also put my intake vent into my door, this was framed out and screened. Let me back up here and explain how I built my door. I framed the door with 2x4s making the door 4" thick. Then I used home type 4" insulation sandwitched between 3/8" plywood (inside) and 3/8" T-111 outside. I think my intake is approx 3"x7". This intake is non adjustable, but if need be could be restricted.
My exhaust vent is another matter. I really think I went too big, as I prefer a heavy smoke (I guess I am just one of them Belonga boys from P.A. I like it smoked hard).
I designed my rear top exhaust vent which is framed out and screened as a horizontal slider,with a simple 2x4 handle with 1x2 furing strips as slot guides. I later discovered that I wasn't getting as much smoke penetration as I would have liked, and I resolved this by particually blocking the inside of my exhaust port with different sizes of wood scraps. This helped the most to get my smoker up to power.
As far as your burner setup vs frying pan, I think you may need to increase or buffer you distance from your heat source. This could be done different ways, but the most common way would be to get a 3/8 to 5/8" piece of steel that is larger than your fry pan. You need to find your sweet spot for the optimum smoke generation. This is why I use the quick and dirity way of smoke generation, by using my smoke guns. You can either buy a Smoke Daddy, or make your own, like I did. Mine work so well that I don't even need a external air pump, as I draft mine like a wood stove. Makes great smoke.
I don't know if I touched all bases, but if I can help feel free to contact me. I know I don't know everything about smoking, but I am willing to share what I know.
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Looks like you're getting some very sound advice. Other than the lack of a smoke ring, which I don't have the answer for (unless PiginIt is on to something) is it possible you might prefer a heavier tasting wood. Try some mesquite chunks and see how you like them.
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Smoke Problems

You might consider checking out a "Smoke Daddy" smoke generator for helping to solve your smoke problems......


There are several videos on this unit also on Youtube.....you can use it for either a cold smoker or with your propane heat......I hooked one up to my GOSM a couple of months ago and the units work great.....no more opening the smoker door to add more wood chips.....good luck!!! RICK
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