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My Biggest smoke ever tomorrow!

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Seeing as how my wife and son are away seeing family, and I have tomorrow off of work, I figured I'd fire up the smoker for the day! On the menu:

Pulled Pork, Pepperoni Pizza fatty, Chicken Wings, and a Pineapple Bratwurst Log.

This will be my biggest (in terms of number of items) smoke I've attempted yet. Also, I've never tried anything like the Brat Log I'm doing, so I'll try to show what I'm doing (I'm sure it's not original, but I haven't seen it before). I'm basically going to take the Brat out of the casings, and make a meatloaf like log out of it, and then put pineapple down the middle.

Here's the Butt rubbed down, and ready to go back in the fridge:

Wish me luck! I'll post pics as I go tomorrow!!
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Will be looking forward to the posts. Looks like you are prepared...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Good luck. Sound like you got a handle on things. I like the braut log. Will look for the follow up tomorrow. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks like you will be busy! Looking forward to the qview.
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Looks like you will be busy and well fed. Cant wait to see the qview tomorrow.
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It sure looks like your in for a really great and big smoke on your hands but if you need us we will be right here so just let us know if you need some help in anyway. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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How long did you say the family was away? icon_confused.gif Looks like your gonna have enough to feed a few people.

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LOL..they'll actually be back late tonight, unless KC got some snow last night and their flight gets screwed up.

It's a lot of food, but I have a food saver and will freeze some and save it for later. I find it tough to smoke with my 2 year old around, so I wanted to make sure I had lots of smokey treats until my next chance to have an all day smoke.
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1st round on the smoke!!

Overslept a little this morning, got the Butt on the smoker at 9 instead of between 7:30 or 8:00, but should be ok. Doing the Fatty as well, then will move on when it is done:

Fatty ready to roll, I used pepperoni, pizza blend cheese, pizza sauce, onion, oregano and minced garlic, and a little black pepper:

Rolled with a little Italian seasoning on the bacon wrap:

Pork has been on the smoke for about 2 hours, just put the fatty on:

More to come!!
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Fattie is looking great - cant wait to see the rest of the smoke
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Wow, now if you tell me your on a diet...
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Looks good!!

What kind of wood are you using?
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Hickory...wanted to do apple, but I'm out, and I didn't have a chance to go get any over the weekend. Never used hickory for pulled pork, so hope it works out ok!
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Got the Brat Log ready!

Cut the casings off of the brats (this was just a Johnsonville beer-n-brat 5 pack) and mixed with some Gates Hot and Spicy rub, then formed them into the log. It's about fatty size:

Then made a "trough" for the pineapple and some of the juice, as well:

I had some bacon left over from the fatty (no clue how), so I decided to wrap that around it. Then I realized that I was basically making another fatty. Oh well. There wasn't enough bacon for a full weave, but I got it wrapped pretty well, if you ask me:

It should be ready to go on in the next 10 minutes or so!!!
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Also, I've got some more pineapple juice I'm going to mix with some beer to mop on during cooking.
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Fatty is done!

Brat Log on the smoke with the butt at about 140:

Chicken wings rubbed with a store bought chicken rub:

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just put the wings on, on the bottom grate. Didn't snap a pic, but they look like they do in the other picture. I've hit the wall with the pork, sitting about 150, and the Brat is about 150 as well. So far so good!
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Nice! Looking good. I love some smoked wings. I got a fryer for xmas so I'm thinking about smoking the wings first and then doing a quick fry.

The brawt log is a great idea
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Man..... that looks great!
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Everything looks good from where I am sitting. Don't let the plateau force you out of your game plan. Hang in there. Looking forward to the great Q-views later. Take care.
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