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No luck yet? Man...makes me sick just thinking about it.
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same thing happened at pig stand bbq here in louisiana.
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i will sure keep an eye out here in Southeast Tx/Southwest La.
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I'd keep a check on the items trying to be sold seperately. Trailer could go to a racer to hauls their cars, smoker parts elsewhere. Hoping for the best results possible = trailer and gear returned, theives smoked and mopped!
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Smoked and mopped for sure!

Last week, my brother had his driver's window popped by a scum bag. The thief's 1 tank of gas and red box movie rentals (using brother's debit card) ended up costing him $450 for the window, no credit cards for at least a week, lost use of three full boxes of checks, cost of printing new checks, plus time and trouble to get new fuel cards and PINS, etc.

It's probably good we don't catch them in the heat of the moment.PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif
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I live in NW Arkansas, I'll kept my eyes open for this also, sorry to hear about the lost, hang in there, hopefully it runs up.
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