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This is a copy of a post from another forum. With Jeff's permission I am posting a copy here in hopes to get the news out to as many people and places as possible. This is concerning the property of SmokyOkie (Tim). If anyone has information concerning this theft please PM myself or the admin to be forwarded to Tim. Thanks for looking.


The following is copied from another forum and posted with permission. Please keep your eyes open for cheap equipment for sale The equipment in question belongs to Tim (SmokyOkie)...

I just got a call from Curt, the Cabinetmaker, Seems someone stole our BBQ trailer, along with everything in it sometime between Christmas Eve and now.

This effectively puts us out of the BBQ competition business. It is about a $20,000 loss and I don;t have insurance or the money to start over again.

PLEASE be on the lookout for a Piglet Plus Backwoods smoker or a stainless steel Charbroil Chuckwagon grill.

They will most likely end up on Craig's list or somewhere.

If you see a Piglet for sale cheap, you can rest assured that it's mine.

thank you for your help.

here's a pic of a Piglet:


I'm looking for inside and outside pix of the trailer. Can anyone help me search threads and find a few so that I can post them on other boards as well?

Here we go:

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Who in the hell would be such a d*** as to steal that, not to mention thinking they will actually be able to get away with selling it.
Wishing Tim all the best of luck getting it back and for some "justice" to be done to the person who stole it.
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Damn. How does one have the nerve to back up and drag this kind of thing away? Its surely inside somewhere nearby. Good luck. Sorry to hear fellas.
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If you find out who did it, run over him with it, plus the truck towing it!
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Hopefully the thieves realize they didn't get what they thought they were getting and try to sell it to someone in the BBQ Community that has read this post. What a shame this is. Put the word out, lets get Tim his equipment back.
BTW Thanks to Jeff for allowing this information to be shared.
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Here is a link to look at all the Craig's lists. enter the info and maybe it will pop up.Sorry about the loss,man I hate thieves more than anything .
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What location (city) was the smoking equipment/trailer located when it was stolen? I would think it would show up in a 150 mile radius, maybe more.
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That floor would be a dead give away. Take a look at CraigsPal as it will let him search all of craigslist at once. I typed in backwoods but didn't come up with anything.
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Tulsa Oklahoma
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I think Tim lives in the Tulsa area. Perhaps someone can confirm or correct?

Edit: Yep... what Joneser said. I must have been typing.
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Yes, the trailer and equipment were in the Tulsa OK area. Tim is actually in Broken Arrow but for all purposes Tulsa is the center.
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I sure hope he finds it...

Unfortunately this kind of thing happens all the time in Kansas City and rarely do they ever find them...

There have been several Boy Scout Groups that have lost complete trailers filled with all their equipment and were never found...

Also Church Groups Have Lost Trailers Full of Music Equipment...

They seem to just disappear into the Abyss...
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Man that sure sucks. Karma has a way of coming around though. Maybe put an ad on craigslist as well as the papers, a reward? Ask people if they have seen a trailer like that in their neighborhood. You never know, someone may have seen it? Just a thought.
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Man that sucks.

I lost a 16ft boat about 15 years ago luckily it was covered by the house insurance because it was locked in the carport with a chain that they had to cut.

The cop that took down the info said that with something that big and having such a good resale value it makes it worth the thieves while to put different plates on the trailer and drive it many hundreds of miles away before they sell it. They often have several days before the crime is even discovered. He said that once its a 1000 or more miles away they don't sell it at cut rate price either but try to get a really good price for it. mad.gif

Its a really long shot but check to make sure it wasn't covered by house insurance.
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Now that really sucks a big one for sure. You have to have some big B.... to take something like that and it not like you can just sell it with all that work done to it. I'm in North Fla and I'll keep an eye out for it.
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I guess trailers are big business. Ive had 3 stolen from behind my shop in 2 years, none were mine. One was stolen across the street also.
3 were stolen from the same person as its all on surveilance cameras, but they covered their license plates! mad.gif This really pisses me off as Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. runs their canines some nights doing drug search training. Hopefully the thieves pick the wrong night.
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Bumping it up
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thanks Jeff for the post PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
ive seen it on most of the forums and told friends about it here and in the tulsa area.
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That floor is not a dead giveaway, there are many out there with the same black/white checkerboard.

Here in Wichita a church group had their equipment trailer stolen, about $20k worth of audio stuff, amazingly they got the trailer back and most of the audio stuff, so dont lose hope.

You are getting the word out, any pics of the smoker?
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That is a terrible loss, both on a personal snd business level. I only hope that it is recovered and the resposnible parties are caught and given a max sentencing.
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