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Thanks Guys,

Really appreciate all the comments and views.

I will be sure to keep the Q-view rolling in when my my next smoke happens.

By the way, All that food did not last even part of the day. There wasn't a scrap of leftovers at all.

Thanks again,
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Chris that looks so good I think that I will use it as a wallpaper on my computer.

If anyone asks, "what is a smoke ring"?, send them this pic
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Man, that brisket looks good!!!!! Nice job!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifThat smoke ring is beautiful!!
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Fantastic! The "key points" I picked up from your post:

You jumped out of bed early to get started. Can't say enough about starting early when your doing brisky!

Also, the fact that you learned enough on SMF that you didn't freak out on the stall and go messing things up with your heat, vents, etc.

That IS the mother of good smoke rings - congrats on finding a life-long hobby to obsess about PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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Great looking smoke Chris - looks like the time you spent on here reading really paid off for you in spades - Great jobpoints.gif
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Chris, great job! Points! Did you put a glaze on the ribs? Anything besides rub/spritz? Great color, looks amazing. Great brisky too!
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Hey BigNick,

For the ribs, I gave them a little coat of Sweet Baby Rays about 20 minutes before they came out of the smoker.

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Thats gotta be one of the most uniform smoke rings I've ever seen...great picture taking too!
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I keep finding myself coming back to look at it, I agree. The pic is perfect....
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Heck I give you points for a great looking smoke and for having the huevos to fire up a brisket for only your second run on the smoker.

points.gifnice work!

It's amazing what you can learn on here if you pay attention and follow the advice given by the masters.
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nice ring that is a great looking brisket
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what size is that brisket
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Heya Ugaboz,
This was just a flat. I think it came in around 4.5 pounds.

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