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The Old BBQ Pit

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Old Fire Pit
Here are some pictures of an old fire pit my dad made in 1942. It has been sitting without use since the mid 60's. I decided to revitalize the old pit into a smoke house. Although it sent me way over budget, I decided to construct it in my dad's memory.
I thought the pictures may give someone some ideas as to construction, and also someone might see some mistakes that I have made. Please feel free to post any suggestions on construction.
Thanks Dennis
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I really like it, would like to have one for myself; your Dad would be proud !!!
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Good on you for keeping the family tradition alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!points.gif
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Excellent, I love the way you built it


Your Dad would be proud
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Now that is how you make the old manb proud there dennis for sure. I like it alot and I bet it will crank ouot some really good bacon and sausage for sure too.
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Now thats an outstanding little smokehouse. Good job! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Points for the construct and the overall great job with the pics! As others have said, your Dad would be very proud. points.gif
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Thanks All for the kind words. I need to get some up to date pictures of the inside, as it is now well broken in and black with some hard smoke. I have done 6 sausage smokes, 3 poultry/ham smokes, and 3 snack stick smokes, oh yea I almost forgot Ive also done 2 bacon smokes. All turned out just a pinch short of super fantastic.
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Agree with everyone of the coolest things I've seen in awhile...Dad would absolutely be proud!!
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pops has a smile.........
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