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Xmas Pulled Pork

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Well I finally was able to get my pork butts on the smoker today. Between the bad storm and the relatives coming into town a day late I was finally able to make time to smoke. They were rubbed and injected two days ago and I fianally got them on the smoker today. I also threw a italian sausage jimmy dean's sausage with marinara and cheese since it was in the fridge and needed to be used up. More photo's of the finally product to come.
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I need to learn how to take pictures that aren't so big so I don't have to put them on Photobook. I know there are programs I can load that will down size them but I don't want to load that on my work computer.
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Do you guys change the settings in your camera to make the picture file size smaller or do you do it will a program?
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I keep it at 640x400 on photo bucket....Nice size,but any bigger prolly screws with the dial up folk...

Keep us updated...
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I meant do you change the size on your camera so the size of the picture is small enough to post right on the SMF page instead of having to put it on photo bucket. I hate having to use photo bucket.
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The butts are looking great !!!

I have my camera set up for 640X480 pics and that is the size I normally post. My wifes camera is set for 3888X2592 for better quality pics in case there is a photo she wants to print copy of. If I do want to post a pic from my wifes camera I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to edit the size down to 640X480.
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Photobucket is the standard most forums go by... It is easy to use and you determine the size the images are when you set up your account for uploading and all images then upload to that size. The best size for all users is 640 X 480 it is small enough that dial up users don't have to wait forever for the images to upload.

The maximum size you can upload directly to the forum is 620 X 280 and 19.5 KB. that is a small image...

How to post Qview to Forum:

When you uploading to Photobucket I always use the Large IMG setting, 640 x 480 it is a nice size...

For Step By Step Instructions On Posting Qview Check Out This Tutorial
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I saw the pics...MMMMMMMMMM...Yummy...What kinda sauce for the injector?
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All you have to do is follow the photobuckets directions that Paul (beerBQ) has on is thread. Then you will be able to show us all you want to. You don't have to change anything on your camera.
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I have the photo bucket thing figured out now. I will quite thinking negatively towards photo bucket from now on. Just a little user error. haha Thanks guys
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Finished product

Well here is the Qview of the finished butts from yesterday. They turned out pretty good but they need more smoke. I am hopefully going to fix that tomorrow. I foiled these at 165 degrees and I don't know if I will do that again. The meat seems to be kind of soggy/fatty since they sat in the juices and fat for so long. In the future I think I will just foil them at 200 like I have done in the past. The bark tasts awesome! I am serving them with a side of vinegar/brown sugar/salt&pepper mixture that I love.

The three butts.

Nice Bark

All pulled
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I origionall didn't think these turned out that great but my wife says they were awesome and she ate the whole little bag up that I had sitting out to snack on. I tried it a day after I smoked it and I have to admit it was way better then when I tried it when I pulled it. I think after being in and out of the smoke for 12+ hours I get sick of that smell and can't eat it for a while.
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Great qview PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifnice looking pulled pork, You're right about the taste I always enjoy the results more a day or two later.
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Great looking pulled pork !!!

Did you make up some finishing sauce to try with it?
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Yea I finished it with a Vinegar based sauce. I would love to just pour it over the top after it is all pulled but my wife hates it. I love vinegar and she isn't a fan. I can pretty much drink the stuff its that good to me.
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I am not much of a vinegar fan myself, but the finishing sauce from this thread is outrageously outstanding -

I highly suggest trying it; my gut tells me your wife will like it, and am positive you will.
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Great looking smoke - glad it turned out better than you thought
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