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Venison sausage for the holidays

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Here are a few of the smokes that I did this Christmas vacation. The first is venison sausage. The large links are a twenty five lb. batch
17 pounds venison
6 pounds pork shoulder
2 pounds beef fat
The spice block comes from Great Lakes Butcher Supply in Hartland MI called Garlic Summer Sausage

The small links are Trail Bologna from the same place.
Same meat block as above but I added 10 diced up Jalepeno's and on large yellow onion..

And of course the thin blue smoke

Had to take them off around 6 AM and forgot the camera. 50yards in the snow and cold, I didn't want to go back. They looked the same but a little darker
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Very nice

Looks great, looks like you have a nice set up there.
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Very nice indeed PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Top Notch Work!!!!!!!!!!!
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Very nice. Only my second year doing sausage. These posts greatly reduce the leaning curve.
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Nice setup, those sausages look great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Fine looking sausages. Thanks for sharing.
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Very nice. What kind of set up is that? Brand and fuel type?
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looks good

Those look good, can't wait to try some myself. Will also have to check out Great Lakes Butcher Supply, have not done sausage, but have been driving all the way to Butcher & Packer on Gratiot downtown to get seasoning wood chips and knives.
Thanks for posting!
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It is an electric fridge conversion that my brother and myself built. The thread is on here under the start of a fridge conversion.


You have to make it to M-59. It blows Butcher Packer out of the water. You can put your hands on everything and their knife selection is awesome.

Good luck and I'm here to help, just ask.

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looking good from here. Are you sending out samples??????
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Yep.... Anyone willing to come over...I make my own home brew, we can share a beer and swap recipes.
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Now that is some real dedication for sure. I like your choice of sausages. Looks greatPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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