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Christmas Leftovers--Pork Loin Nachos (pics)

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Okay, we were talking about making nachos out of the trimmings from rib meat in another thread. Well, I didn't have any trimmings on hand. But, with the Christmas snow storm, I had plenty of pork loin left over because some family couldn't get here.

By now, I'm a bit tired of regular holiday leftovers. I decided a nice plate of pork nachos was in order. (Just imagine it is rib trims instead of loin). Originally, the loin had been cut in 1/4" slices. I broke the slices up for use in sandwiches, etc.

Here is the beginning of the pics:

All the ingredients--a thin layer of cheese covers the bed of chips

Add the pork (substituted for rib trimmings)

Another layer of cheese to protect the pork from popping in the microwave.

Just out of the microwave.

Add your choice of toppings--I like Pace (medium) chunky salsa and sour cream.

Pour the last cup of coffe for the day, grab a fork, and it's lunch time!

On a side note, my son (13) made a breakfast burrito out of the same ingredients. The exception was a flour tortilla instead of chips and he added scrambled eggs and onions.

I've gotta go eat now.icon_wink.gif
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Looks good, wonder how nachos would heat up in the smoker...probably just fine icon_wink.gif

Thanks for posting this.
From the trimmings of the two spares I'm doing one I'll turn into nachos and the other I seasoned up and will probably add it into a chili I am thinking of submitting into the monthly throwdown on here.
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I would hit that........
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I may have to try that on Tuesday.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nachos look good....
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If its got a mexican hint to it I'm there. Nice looking platefull!
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Now thanks for that recipe and I will have to try that as soon as I smoke yet another butt soon because we are running low in the freezer. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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