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Spare rib trimmings, how many uses?

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Was curious what different folks do with the top trimmings after prepping spare ribs.
Besides smoking and eating them what other ideas have you tried using the trimmings?
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throw in baked beans instead of bacon...
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Grind and mix with venison, use in sausages, meatloafs, meatballs, etc.
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stir fry, grind for sausage, probably a hundred uses.....
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I sometimes grill the pieces, then cut them up for use in a burrito.
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Yep me to. But not instead of, in addition to. icon_smile.gif
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Some good ideas.
I especially like the idea of grinding it up for sausage as I have yet to make my first batch of sausages.
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Mine never make it that far---they are always finger food right off of the grill. It keeps the wolves satisfied until the ribs are done.
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I like your style...
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When we do big batches of ribs, sometimes we can't eat them all. The 12th of this month was one of those times. On this occasion, over 200 racks were smoked in two sessions (Fri. night/Sat. morning). The pan on the left is all the trimmings after the bystanders had finished eating.

I took about half the pan home. I shredded all of it and put some in omelets. The rest were used to top one of my favorite snacks--NACHOS!! Sorry, they never last long enough for Q-View.
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Mmmm...rib nachos, that sounds good!
Pulled pork nachos and chuckie nachos are great so hell yeah rib nachos!
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I use it for munchies during to smoke or I guest you can use them for many other things too. I mite start keeping them for grinding and DirtGuy you have a fantastic idea like nachos, pizzas, they all sounds really good. Thanks for sparking the ideas.
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Most times they get eaten as snack food but there has been an occasion or two where we used the trimmings in bean soup.
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Right on Brother
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All trimmings wether beef or pork ,Get cubed up for later use in pastalaya
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i use it for my meat necklace...
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I decided to season one with a Kansas City rub and use them for rib nachos (thanks Dirt Guy) and the other with chili seasonings and going to use it as part of a chili.

Lots of great ideas, gotta get more ribs cause there are several things I want to try...such a shame...now I have to smoke more ribs-Thanks alot!
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Below you will see some sausage, a trimmed rack of spares, and most of the trimmings added to the rack as "chef's treats".

You can also season them up good and grill them, making some nice asada tacos out of them.
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That was great!..........LOL
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Green chili stew. With Hatch green chilis. And pozole.
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