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Bacon really looks great
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Mark - I'm no expert by any means, but when I did my batch, I was using whole bellies off of full grown hogs - right at 8# each. I soaked these in cold water for 1.5 hours total with one water change in the middle somewhere and they turned out very good.

For a smaller piece of meat, I would go for 30 minutes and slice and fry to test.

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Thanks Tracey, mine was around 8# too. Same old story, every time I try something new, I tend to rush things rather than think things through (like stuffing sausaged before I fry test the batch). Of course I could've cut off a piece and fried it before smoking! Just wasn't thinking clearly.
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One of my first attempts at bacon went astray when I purchased the bellies and without knowing any better I got bellies from smaller pigs and they were very thin. Consequently they absorbed a lot of salt and I had to put some water in the pan when frying, pour it out and then continue the frying process. Part of the learning curve. Have not had any problems with that since.

Yours looks great though. Keep up the good work.
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