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First attempt at Venison Sausage Part 1 w/View

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This is my first attempt at summer sausage and snack sticks.

I used a modified recipe from "The Book" for cooked salami, and a recipe I found on the net for the snack sticks.

I learned a whole bunch with all of the challenges, but thats half the fun....wrong...I guess it will be more fun next time. lol

I started at about 10am Saturday morning and finished up about 2am Monday Morning

Because of the Q view I will break it into 2 parts.

Meat ready for the grinder.

Oops thought I went over the ingredient list cant find something, Clean the grinder throw the rest into the freezer.

Mix the smoke stick meat so we can get them in the smoker.

second set back, I find that the collagen casing that bought do not fit the jerky gun I bought. No problem I will use natural sheep casing with the grinder. I was able to thread on the tube after a little work but they are not as forgiving as hog casings, the 1/2 tubes are just to use for casings.

All I have is a big mess. Put meat back in freezer to firm up, drink beer or two, get a game plan.

I end up unraveling the collagen cases and using the jerky gun.

Now that I have pieces of casings, I end up wasting more than happy with. Need to get a better plan that takes less time.

Now it is too late to put these in the smoker to baby sit. I guess I will try to smoke both at the same time.

Meanwhile the meat for the summer sausage was in the freezer. A Little too firm, oh will have a beer or two, let it soften up.

Added some plain old string cheese as I was grinding/stuffing but did no like the way it was turning out. I may have to try to freeze it next time.

Plan B, have another beer, and use the jerky gun to stuff the salami cases.

I just made patties out of the meat and wrapped it around the cheese.

Now into the casings

I will measure better next time I had citric acid in 2 of them and cheese into 2 of them.

Continued with part 2

Link to part 2

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bumped to get it before the second post

bump not sure itf this is the way to do it or not,
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Experience is your teacher, experience also will help you think about new toys for processing you may want !!!
Your doing fine, looking forward to part 2 and want to see how these turn out for you.
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