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PID on a Lang

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Has anyone put a PID controller on their Lang, I have quite a few ideas but wanted to ask if it has been done before.
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OH,NO! Gary........................:0-

I thought you liked to play with your fire???
Now I'm confused again?????icon_redface.gif
You know me, the Pyromaniac!
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icon_redface.gif Yeah buttttt, Blame it on the process controls class that I took, I thought it would be cool to try. Cheap enough and I ain't getting any younger. and it aint getting any warmer in janurary in Wisconsin. At the camper in the summer you are quite correct I love tending the fire, talking to all the passers by who have never seen a smoker before much less a Lang and just being outside cooking. Also I have a very dark Geek side. 3 towers and 3 laptops hooked up to a 10 gig connection and one using linux, still learning about Ubuntu but it is pretty cool especially with the option of over $5000 worth of add on's for free
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I've thought about adding a PID to my build in the future. (Mine is going to be a lang clone). I'm an instrumentation technician by day, so adding this to it should be no problem. I figured a two stage PID controller with the first stage controlling a fan, and the second controlling the either the damper, or a low temp alarm to add more fuel. You should be able to pickup a used omega on fleebay fairly cheaply. Just my two cents.
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Don't know if you want to build it from scratch or not but there's a guy on another forum who put a Stoker on a BIG stick burner. He had to do some modifications to the piping for the fans but it seemed to work real well.

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