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Meat mixers

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I have a cabelas 3/4 horse grinder. I was wondering if anyone would know if you could use a LEM meat mixer with it. Looks to me that they would match up.
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Many of these are all manufactured by the same manufacturer and the only difference is the private label sticker...

I would make sure that it could be returned if it didn't fit but my guess would be that it would...
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What capacity meat mixer? I know on the Cabela's site there's a 44 lb. meat mixer that can be operated by one of their grinders, but they specify it has to be a 1 hp. minimum to be able to do so; that's why I got the 1 hp. vs. the ½ or ¾ hp. just in case I get to a point where I'll be doing that kind of capacity (will have to get a bigger smoker to handle that capacity, too.. thinking about building a wooden one, but that's another thread, lol!).
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Will you do us a favor and stop into Rolll Call and introduce yourself and we can give you the proper welcome we like to give to our new members. Now back to your question yes you can use a meat mixer with your grinder.
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The LEM is a 25# model. Don't really mix batches bigger than that.
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