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Two Dry Aged Primes W/Qview

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This is the finish to this thread from last night. To see details of the ageing process go here.

This was taken last night.

Garlic, lemon pepper, and this:

No explanation needed.icon_wink.gif

All loaded, not looking pretty now, but I think they will after I sear them.

I hope you are all having a great Christmas.
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Ron Looks great as always...Do you like the wet aging or dry aging better???.....Merry Xmas
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Now that sure looks good and I cann't wait to the end.
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Coming Along

I can't say yet at this time Chris.

Having trouble getting the temps up as it is in the 20's here. Only at 205' at the grates.

Good news is this:

I knew that last pic was funky, maybe because the meat was so cold.

Looking good now, and even better when I sear I hope.
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Looks Great Ron...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Merry Christmas
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All done.

The sear.


Oh, man look at all that juice.

Came out perfect.

Thanks for watching.
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Man,I bet they were good Ron Man.I aged some beef rib roast for christmas and seared and baked.....

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Great work Ron!
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Nice job.

Is there any difference between searing first or doing it after the smoke? I did mine before, but if after is better, I will change to that method.

Did you dry age long enough to have to cut of any of the outside meat? If so, how long aged and how much?

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I just read a lengthy article and test and the guy said after gave a better yield. I can't remember where the article was or I would post it.

It was wet aged in a food saver bag for 8 days, then 5 in the fridge for the dry. I didn't trim anything off. The sear took care of the fat cap nicely.
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Looks great Ron! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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VERY juicy lookin meat there!

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Superb my friend.icon_mrgreen.gif
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Nice looking rib roast there Ron. That sure looked like a real juicy piece of meat. Looks like a lot of ribs this time of year, are they cheap, or just plentiful?

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Excellent lookin rib roast!!! Nice and bloody, just the way I like them!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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bet the sear really added another layer of flavor to that rib roast. and not overdone either. points.gifgreat job man!!!
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looks great

As usual, something unique and good looking. I saw your post when it started, now I need to go back and book mark it.

PS. Got my first bottle of Yoshidas at Sam's, but they only had the Hawaiian sweet and sour.
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