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Yoshida Game Hens

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Well heres my X-mas smoke job. I brined these 4 birds for 16 hours with lemon and lime and kosher salt.
Washed them good and into the Y-sauce original for 5 hours. I put them upside down and filled the cavity
and kept basting them. Now onto the smoker till 170* with apple,cherry and maple wood combo. I took the
leftover Y-sauce and reduced it down for a mop. I had a hummingbird keep watch over the smoke or he just
liked the warmth, not sure. And of course here's the qview. Enjoy and Merry Christmas to all!

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Looks good...How was the taste???
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We just love the game hens in our house. But the yoshida on game hens oh well let us know how they taste.
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I like it very much, kinda sweet, kinda salty. I use the skin and bones for a stock and just consume the meat.
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Looks Great...

Merry Christmas
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Great looking birds, what smoking temp did you use?
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I smoked at 250* + - a bit for 2 1/2 hours according to my lid therm. I had my Weber style remote working the breast while I stayed indoors in the warmth. I pulled at 170* and foiled for 30 minutes.
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Good looking hens! Love Yoshidas on poultry.... mmmm.
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I know what you are thinking...and there probably isn't enough meat on him for a Yoshida bath and apple wood smoke! PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Great color, looks tasty.
Went to pick up a few today to smoke tomorrow and the store was all out of them mad.gif
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Theres always squab! icon_redface.gif
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