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WSM for X-mas - BB Ribs, ABT's and Sausage w-q/view

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Ever since I had a WSM as a loaner provided by WSM guru G. Wiviott, I wanted one. My mom stepped up and bought me one about 5 weeks ago, and I have had this 18.5" beauty sitting in the garage unused until today.

I am a rib eating freak, and took a few weeks off of eating ribs. Today I have 2 slabs of BB's with my own rub, as well as some leftover kilbasa, and some ABT's stuffed with pepperjack cheese and kilbasa. Should be a good smoke.

As for the WSM, it is working like a champ, kicking out the TBS, and holding 225 degrees in windy, snowy weather.


rubbed with my rub:

on the smoker:


ABTS waiting for their turn:


more q-view to follow... thanks for looking & happy holidays.
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Nice Gift... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Great Looking Ribs...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

What are the Two bottles at the bottom? Is that Blue Moon a beer?
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Blue Moon is a Belgian White Ale( beer)

and the other bottle is Herradura tequilla. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif

About to put the ABT's and Kilbasa on.
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Looks like you got it together......Looks great so far. cant wait until the final view>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >
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thanks SC

About 30 mins from taking the kilbasa off. This thing just holds temp even in 30 mph winds & snow, I am holding @ 225 without any tinkering.

Using my GOSM as my wind break..PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I wonder if the Blue Moon is sold in Kansas? Looks like a neat bottle for my collection...
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its made in Golden Co. so perhaps it is available there..
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Congrats on the new smoker and nice looking ribs and the Abt's look well I don't know cause they are under the bacon and I cann't see what the filling is. So whats the filling???Then while your at it you can tell us whats in the rub.???
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The ABT's have kilbasa, and pepperjack cheese as the filling.

my rub, sorry its a recipe I have been working on for a while. Gotta have a few secrets right.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I've got an 18.5" WSM and love it. I've learned alot with the help of all of you on here. Your ribs look great. I see you'r an OTBS member so I'm sure you're posts have helped me. Ribs look great...thanks!

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thanks tom,

moved fromECB, to a cheepo offset, to a GOSM, and now to a WSM. Just keep learnin, and smokin'..

High wind and snow is really delaying things, Maybe 20 minutes away from pulling the ribs and ABT's off. These 30 mph winds ae killing my dinner plans right now. Luckily got lots of tequila and beer to bide the time.
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I know what you mean about the wind. I smoked ribs last night and the wind kicked my butt. The wind would kick up, the coals would get hot and the temps would spike up. I'd cut down the intakes, the wind would die off, and the temps drop off. I never spent so much time tending the temp as I did last night. But it was all worth it when I tasted those ribs and saw my wife's face when she tasted them.

Thanks for posting when you have problems as well. It helps us rookies get through the tough times.
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Final results, Nw rub with hot paprika made som kickin ribs, ABT;s were really good.

me & the new smoker:


ABTS done:


my supper:

really nice to get back to lump, and hickery on the WSM, exture, and flavor was spot on.

thanks for looking
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very nice points.gif
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WOW JIM!!! The WSM looks like a beauty!!! Nice spares too! You look very happy on Christmas! Hope it was a blast! It looks it!
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thnaks tony & Cody,

very nice xmas meal.

the high winds were a small challenge, but I was in no hurry. The WSM held 225 without any vent tinkering at all(I was shooting for 235-240). BB's took about 5 hours, no foil, and glazed them while they rested.

Snowing today, debating going into Chicago for lunch, or running over the the butcher for some more pork to smoke. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Nice plate Jim. It has all the major food groups...

The Rib Group,
The Bacon Wrapped Vegetable Group
The Sausage Group
The Mac and Cheese Group

and I'm sure somewhere, The Beer Group.

I swear by following a balanced diet too!

Good looking smoke and congrats on the new WSM.
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thanks, I am looking forward to trying a couple ribs cold from the fridge in a few minutes.

the beer and tequila group were also covered.....PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Did you have tequila stack on beer?!? That's gotta be brutal! Great lookin smoke man, the ring on those ribs looks perfect!
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Pretty much did a 1 shot of Herradura per bottle beer. I didnt last much past 9:30.
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