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Looking for new ideas

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I am a big fan of smoking chicken as this is my wifes fav. I am planning to quarter a full yard bird. I have run out of ideas and was thinking I could pick your brains and come up with more choices for her. My idea is to remove the skin (as we don't normally eat it anyway) I am planning to brine but am tired of the same old same. I am also thinking of wrapping in bacon (everything is better wrapped in Bacon) any ideas to go with this or tried method would be great thanks in advance
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You cant go wrong with bacon. icon_smile.gif
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Hey Smoking D,

I did this with some chicken breasts and it turned out great...pounded flat, layered with sausage, and wrapped in bacon...kind of a chicken breast fattie. Maybe do this with the breasts, and do a bacon wrap or brine to the rest of the bird.
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OH YEAH what the engineer said take the breast debone & skin pound out then a little provolone cheese slice of ham roll up wrap in bacon.
wing and legs make up a good buffalo sauce and the thighs bacon wrap with just a good q sauce icon_smile.gif
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Heres a couple ideas

Here is a couple ideas for your chicken I have tryed both and they are great.
1. Margarita Chicken
Dry rub ingredients:
2 parts Tone's Lime Pepper
1 part Tone's Southwest Chipotle
1 part McCormick's 1 step Roasted garlic with Bell Peppers

Wet injection mix:
2 parts Olive oil
2 parts Sweetened Lime Juice
1 part Tequila
Inject birds with injection and let sit over night in fridge. rub them down with the rub and smoke them up.

2. Snake bite chicken heres a link to it
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If yur gonna pull the skin off just make sure you wrap in bacon or something..It will dry out something aweful if you dont. I like to do mine whole
Lemon Pepper the Hell out of it and some salt and onion powder. Crank the heat up around 275-300 so the skin will crisp up...
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Weigh a minute guys I'm writing as fast as I can. These are some really good recipes. You mean all you have to do is ask for things here and you will get them. WHOOO thats cool I want a blonde no red head with and some of those...........Oh wrong site.
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