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Oh crap i over slept

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Well for some reason the alarm didnt go off this morning so now i only have 3.5 hours to make 3 racks of ribs to take them to our get together. Help what do i do????
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turn the heat up to 275°or 300° cook for 1 hour turn them over for 1 hour then wrap them in foil for 1 hour then unwrap for 30 mins. And let the guest enjoy watch you fidget for 30 mins..
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Sounds like a plan, i already got them in right now at about 250, but im thinking about raising the temp. I didnt go to bed till 4:45 this morning and had the alram set for 7am, but i dont know if i slept thru it or if it didnt go off. Im thinking i slept thru it.
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i would put them in the oven right now @ around 325. check them in 2.5 hours and if they are good hit the smoke for the last hour before people arrive, or just make them wait for like 2 hours and tell them you can't rush greatness.

good luck.
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Thing is I am taking them to my family's get together about 20 miles away. So I have to get them done. And I have other things im taking so being late isnt a option. I have to leave here by 1 or 130.
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Ok I'm not sure for you have only 3.5 hours to pull off 6 hours of smoking. You'll be fashionably late by about 1.5 but the ribs will be worth it when you get there. Just crank it up to about 250-270 and then cut your smoke times to about 2.5 for the first leg and then do the 2 hours in foil with some liquid in the foil and then cut the last leg to 1 hour or more if to you can and then run for the gathering too.PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Well the ribs have been smoking for 2 hours and are looking good, but to save time i have got to throw them in the oven. So what i was going to do is put all 3 racks in a big pan with some juice and cover it with foil and put it in a 275 degree oven for a hour then out of the oven and straight on the rack for half a hour. Will this work to help m,ake them more tender?
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Yes it will that is a good plan. you'll just have to put them on the grill long enough to firm them and set the glaze.
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I was gonna thru them straight on the oven rack for about 30 min after i unwrap them to firm the up a bit.
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that will work.
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Well, how did they turn out?
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Did You Make It???
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For just being cooked for barely over 3 hours they were very tender and very good. Every last Rib was eaten. When my aunt went to cut them though she butcherd them up a bit cause she didnt know what she was But they were delicious, thanks guys.
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That's great. Love to hear that kind of a report.
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Over all very good christmas, great food and great people. My mom made a turkey she brined forever, my uncle a roast which was one of the best ever, which it better be since he's a chef. But it turned out well. And with almost 40 people there, there is always plenty to choose from.
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I would have suggested saving the ribs til tomorrow and stopping at a rib joint and buying some. It's hard to rush when you want things to turn out right.

Looks like I was late also PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Way to Go! Its always good to have a happy ending. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Glad to hear the ribs turned out good. Nice job!
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