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Turkey Brining Oops...?

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Well its 6:30 on Christmas morning and the turkey is in the smoker and takin in some TBS. I did realize one mistake I might have made, being so busy yesterday with all of the family functions and preparing the turkey and 30 ABT's I just now realized I did not Simmer down my brine and just mixed it up in a big bowl until most of the ing. and salt disolved. It soaked for 15 hours in a cooler. Will the bird still turn out since I did not simmer down the brine...? Please help!
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As long as your brining temps were below 40° you should be fine. Brines SHOULD be simmered and cooled, but at worst you may not get all the flavor you had hoped for, assuming clean water and utensils, etc. were used in the process.
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I put the turkey and brine in two oven bags and then into the cooler with tons of ice all around and over the bird! Hope it gets some flavor, I guess I did inject it as well. I hope that makes up for the brine mistake!? Thanks.
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You'll be just fine with the little boo boo and you will love that bird too. It will taste just wonderful and juicy too. Merry Christmas.
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You'll still get some flavor and more importantly it will remain moist. Wonder how I know that hmm been there done that biggrin.gif
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Thanks everyone for the support and the reassurance! The bird just hit 161 degrees and into the cooler until 10:30 to go to the folks! Now for the ABT's! I did end up takin some pics so I will have to post them later since this morning was quite busy! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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I think you should be ok. I never simmered my brine when I smoked Salmon... they always turned out just fine... Just make sure it doesn't get above 40* while it brines away....
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