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Yet Another 1st Turkey Thread

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Wife bought a 20lb turkey. I brined overnight began smoke at 8:30 AM. It has only been 4 hours and the breast is at 160. I did spatchcock the bird. I do not feel this is long enough. Interior temp has been running at 235. Although it has been set at 275. Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks Jimbiggrin.gif
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You might make sure the thermometer isn't touching any bones. Also, stick it in the thigh to see what it reads. Make sure it isn't touching any bones here as well. I haven't done a turkey yet, so I don't have any in depth advice for you. Someone who has should be along shortly. Good Luck!
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Make sure you have an accurate thermomete and an accurate reading. Then, trust them. I routinely smoke 14lb spatched birds and they only take about 2.5-3 hours.
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Ditto the check several spots.

Also, have ya checked them thermo's lately? If the one fer yer smoker is a stock one, they can be off by a bunch. Ya might be smokin hotter then ya think.

A spatchcocked bird might get done quicker, but I think yer still a bit short on a bird that size.
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Thanks guys. I only have the one thermo it is a Taylor. I do have an analog in my Weber I will check with that also.

Thanks Jim
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Update on this post Qview

Well the turkey ended up awesome. The whole family enjoyed it. The gravy made with smoked drippings is probably the best gravey wife has made. Enjoy the bird.
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Nice Looking Bird...
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Did you calibrate the therm before using it? Sometimes we are in so much anticipation that we overlook a few important things. Good luck my friend.
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Nice Work!
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