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St Louis style or not???

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Im doing ribs tomorrow for christmas dinner so im wondering if i should leave them the way they are or cut them st louis style. Whats the pro's and con's of the different ways?
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I use ST. Louis cut ribs but buy them that way from a friend at 6.00 a rack in a case of 12.

The main reason I use that cut is consistant cooking times across many racks being done at the same time. Nothin wrong with doing a whole rack at all. The small end of a whole rack will probably be a bit more done than say the middle. No big deal. Some folks prefer one end over another so with a St. Louis cut not much to fight about! LOL Remember to pull the membrane off regardless of what cut ya do.
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I have always thought that St. Louis is always the best way to go. Just makes for some pretty spares.
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Ya i already pulled the membrane off. Which kind you think is more appealing to people? I know with louis style you cut off the ends with the cartiledge. Plus the ribs i have still have the brisket bone in it should i cut that out also?
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I would trim them up, they look so much better when trimmed.
Not sure if there are any cons to leaving them whole...
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If your interested, here is a great link on spares. Maybe you seen it already.
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Awesome read it and cut already cut them into louis style
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too lazy, spares it is. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Hey, a rib is a rib. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Ya i have never cut mine as well till now, i kinda wanted them a little more presentable for the family tomorrow. Im gonna cook up the trimmings and throw them in some beans.
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I almost always trim mine just because I think they look better and I think getting rid of the Cartlidge makes for better eats for someone who knows no better. I always cook the trimmings off mine and I eat those as they get done first. I pull the meat off and freeze it and then put in my beans the enxt time I smoke them with some pulled pork butt.....
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We never Trim ours...
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if'in ya want to impress........trim. they are easier to eat.

i like the x-tra cartlige and fat........the meat around it is:
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Trim I did and they are in the fridge ready for the big day tomorrow. Cant wait to lay my teeth into them.
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I have never trimmed mine - just cooked full racks. However, there is something to the points made about more even cooking as there is usually a large difference in size/thickness from the large end to the small on a whole rack.

I think I will give this a try next time. Definately will cook the left over bits and use in beans or snacks.

Thanks, MH for the link to that tutorial It is very good and I have already bookmarked it.
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We usually always trim up. The trimmings find an open spot on the grill and are used for quality control (i.e. snacking) while the smoke is going on.

Well, the turkey is in the oven (no smoke today) and the kids are getting up. Time for presents and all the festivities.

Merry Christmas Everyone.
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I guess I'm the step child here I like mine untrimmed. Thats just the way I like them.
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I never really thought about. I have always cooked the ribs untrimmed BUT my wife has a recipe for ribs and greens. You boil the ribs then throw in the green. Delicious. Now I will trim the cartilege for her greens and that will make a good meal. BBQ ribs, turnip greens and cornbread.

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Sounds yummy, i love me some good greens. I like recipes that have ribs in it. I have a lasagna recipe that calls for rib meat, it is so good. It just takes 8 hours to make the sauce though.
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