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Santa brought me a stuffer!

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The unit is a Gander Mountain 15 lb stuffer with metal gears. Merry Christmas!

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Well you must have been a very very good little boy this year icon_mrgreen.gif
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Merry Christmas to you! It should make for a very happy new year of sausage stuffing!
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Looks great!! I dropped a lot of hints for one this year, so we'll see tonight if Santa was listening.
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Congrats!!! I got some wood... : /
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I'll be looking forward to many, many, many more sausage threads from you Rick PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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What a nice santa !
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Nice Rick, that'll make short work a stuffin them sausages!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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He's not here can only hope I've been that good.

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Shooter must have been a very good boy.
Do you wanta tell him what I told you about your stuffer?biggrin.gif

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This here?
"Meat Hunter,
So now you're ready for the next time somebody says----------"Stuff-it!"?????PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

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Funny, but the same one arrived at my house today, too. Only a meat mixer was tagging along. Now I can start my adventure.:D
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Looks Nice, Merry Christmas!
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Looks like a very merry Christmas, Rick! I should get one of those as long as they're on sale.
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Just like my Northern Tool! You'll love it, believe me! Buy some C-Clamps, and stuff away! You can get a new 0-ring for the plunger at LEM, probably other places too. That's about the only replaceable part on it, otherwise it's built like a tank and as heavy as one too! if you need a 3/8" stuffing horn for sheep casings, you can get one at Butcher Packer for an F. Dyck stuffer (sp purposely).
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Very cool there Rick, you were a really good boy this year. I guess santa remembered that weekend in Vegas I had darn-it.
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