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Rib Chart

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Does anyone have any type of rib chart showing the different cuts and such?
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Nice thread! Hopefully someone will be along shortly.
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This site has some pretty good charts on it. Hope this is what your after.
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I do have this, but wanted to know if anyone had anything a bit more descriptive.

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Thats exactly what I wanted, I had made a smoking book 2 years ago with all my charts and such but its gone missing, so I have been trying to rebuild my book

Heres a pic of the book, if anyone finds it theres a $2,000.00 reward

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Thankyou, I will have this book restored in no time...just a shame I kept detailed notes and they cant be restored

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Pretty good chart/poster...

Try this link.

Here is a video of how to butcher a pig. The guy gets just to the part about cutting out the spare ribs he's in the middle of doing the spare ribs when the demo quits..... Its a advertisement for a Pork Butchering DVD. Very interesting. If the demo had gone about 3o seconds longer he would have covered ribs entirely.
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Nice chart, thanks for posting it although as soon as I saw all those nice cuts of pork it made me hungry...
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