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What wood to use with Fattie

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I am planning my first 2 fatties in the morning.
I was wondering what type of wood I should use.
I have Hickory and Mesquite right now.

I am also going to smoke a Beef Tenderloin for dinner tomorrow.
Also wondering about the wood type for that.

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Hickory is my fav but mesquite would be ok also...It doesn't have to much time to get or add a over whelming taste to the fattie....hickory to be safe
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What he said, meaquite or hickory. But remember, if your using hickory smoked bacon, use the wood sparingly or you will overpower your fatty. A little goes a long ways. Take some pics for us on your prep of it and the end product, we sure would like to see. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

For the tenderloin, either of those woods will work. Cherry is also good for red and game meats.
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When doing a fatty I really like to use cherry wood.
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Apple wood and spritz the fattie now and then with apple juice.
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