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A lump of coal

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Actually, it's charcoal. Wrapping up a lump of charcoal to give a future son in law for Christmas, as his real gift is too large to put under the tree:

Also gets a whole batch of wood chunks of various types.....pecan, cherry, etc. A really good kid who did stint in Iraq as an Army medic. Can't say enough good things about him and a welcome addition to our family.

Standard UDS stuff. One thing I did different this time was to devise a better way to wrestle into submission the metal for the charcoal basket. I devised this little bending jig:

Just enough gap to slide the metal under, then keep working it back and forth, putting in little bends until it took the shape I wanted. It takes that much clamping force as I could nearly lift the whole bench up before I could feel it give. Worked really well.
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Nice! Could you tell your son-in-laws we are proud of him for his service.

That's one heck of a gift. Here's to many years of sucessful cooks on that bad boy
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That is funny, the members of this forum are probably the only people on earth that would think a lump of coal was a great gift and hope for a whole bag full of it...

Merry Christmas!
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very cool!!!
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Now that is one heck of a great present. Yes, tell him THANK YOU!
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Nice gift Daddy! What do I get? icon_smile.gif
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Well from the proud parents of an Army Man thats about to go back for another tour late in dec. Tell your SIL thank youvery much for his service and please come home soon. I'm sure he will just love the smoker I have heard alot of good things about the Uds. Like paul said this probally the only placed that if you got a lump of coal we would be stoked for sure.
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Great looking gift and workmanship. Obviously for a well deserved young man. My hat's are off to him, and much thanks as well. Merry Christmas!
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He's got to be a great kid to get a present like that!! You're a good man HW, Merry Christmas to you and yours.
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I don't know that I could have said it better.
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