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Looks like it was successful to me...That wind is terrible for fire management..but good beer sippin never gets dog also what "type" of bully is he? Here is a pic of one I got from a guy who had a old game breed line. What a dog...will go all day and still want more..anything to please me. That is what I love about terriers
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Glad you stuck with it. I've been messing around all day with a Mable Bourbon Ham and a fattie. Temp has gone from the 60's to the 30's during the smoke with 30-40 MPH wind. Lousy for Houston.

Fortunately my stuff is under an awning between the house and garage, so somewhat sheided, but still a pain to keep things steady.........
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Waiting for finals when you catch your breath...

Nicely done butts, and the effort is no doubt worth doesn't allways agree with our smokin' plans...we do what we must...

Thanks for sharing the experience!

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Welcome to the Frozen Few.I did my Christmas cooking in snow and all on Tues.(posted under Christmas '09).Put up my pop-up and a wind shield(pics next time) and did my thing.
All my probe therms. are shot so I did it with a toothpick...
The Butts were easy as I just cooked them til the bone pulled clean.The Turkey was in @ 145*F for about 10 hrs with Bacon on the breast(I know,goes against the rules of safety,but it worked,sorry about no Q-view of that,but I keep forgetting to take pics a bit;excitement I guess? The brisky was tested with a toothpick and when like butta, I pulled Wrapped and coolered them 3 hrs. Put them in the Fridge and reheated today for 1st Family gathering. Sat. will be the King Family(man I like the way that sounds)Christmas. Q-view to follow of that and more that has occured since our last post.I gotta quit putting things off so much.I've a reason to be happy now.....I've got G'kids. :)-
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Those look good...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Keep Warm...icon_mrgreen.gif
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here's the finish of this thread.

one butt pulled

the wife working on the second butt

the sammie assembly line

the sammie assembled

thanx for the support and the compliments.

Merry Christmas errbody.
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Now that's a sammie....great lookin slaw !
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great job under the conditions, I was a tard myself cooking 2 turkeys and a ham. went from rain to sleet to ice and snow, I really like my cookshack.
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Nice work!

I'm from about 300 or so miles south of you and it's been one of the colder ( and windier) holiday seasons in quite a while in Texas. Kudos for hanging in there and doing what looks like a fine job on those butts! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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If you live in a colder part of the country you have 2 choices. Keep smoking, of quit when it gets cold.
I choose to smoke any chance I get. Cold can't prevent good cookin!!!
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