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Pastrami Rookie with Qview

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I finally had enough of the druelling over the pastrami threads over the last few weeks so I broke down and bought a prepared corned beef and following the instruction found here I attempted it today and let me tell you what, It's the best pastrami I've had in a long time. While I had the smoker going I threw in a small bricsket point rubbed down with Mckormicks Mesqite rub. While the brisket didn't end up with as good of a smkoe ring as I would have liked to, it sure does have good flavor, not as good as it smoking partner the pastrami.
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Great job on both of those. What did you rub the pastrami with?

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The rub I used is what was posted by Rivet earlier, It has great flavor and is something slightly different than the usual paprika based rub.

1 1/2 Jars ( 3 oz ea) Coriander Powder
1 TBSP Cardamom
1 TSP Cinnamon
1 TSP Nutmeg
1/2 TSP Allspice
1 Jar (2 oz) CBP
1/4 TSP Thyme
2 TSP Lemon Pepper (No Salt)
3 TBSP Sweet Paprika
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Looks like a winner.

points.giffor your smoke!
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Yours looks great, and yes it don't get any better.
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Everything looks awesome and you did a heck of a job. That is one thing you will learn quickly here that you can smoke/cook better then alot of the resturants out there. You will be cutting back on things like lunch meat and some differant snacks too. Just hang with us we will teach you alot here.
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Couldn't have put it more concisely or in a better way than Mark did~ Thanks, Mark!

MG you sure put out a pretty pastrami that has me dying to make another one. Glad youliked the rub, and congratulations on your first 'strami. There will be many more, I'm sure. Well earned points
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Great job! I love it!
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifGood job on the Pastrami!! Thanks for the Q-view.
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Looks great! Don't kid yourself, that is a fine smoke ring on that brisky!
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Looks Delicious to me...
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